Pool Leak Repair

Purchasing a pool is a costly expense and it is something that homeowners expect to enjoy over the course of a summer. However, there is always the chance of an unexpected problem. When something of that nature occurs, contact Vines Plumbing for professional pool leak repair in Myrtle Beach, S.C.

Do You have a Pool Leak problem?

Not all leaks in a pool release large gushes of water with obvious need for repair. So it is important to be on the lookout for potential problems. Minor water loss can be due to evaporation, although there are more serious problems that could wind up costing you a fortune in repairs. Here is a look at some of the warning signs that indicate you are in need of pool leak repair:

  • Loss of water on daily basis
  • Grass near pool is constantly soggy
  • Sinking patio or pool deck
  • Prime fades on pool equipment
  • Cracking in patio
  • Tiles are loose on pool deck
  • Constant need to add water

Not all pool leaks are easy to identify or repair and that is because some pools are equipped with an automatic fill device. Those pools have ways to check for leaks and that could include turning off the automatic fill and conducting a bucket test.

When you suspect that there is a leak in your pool, contact Vines Plumbing and we will dispatch an experienced leak repair technician to your home. We provide free estimates and we will also identify the source of your pool leak. Our video cameras have the capability of conducting inspections in all types of drain sizes. That means getting a closeup look inside small drain lines and ones with bends.

Types of Leak Repair services

A pool has a lot of working parts and that means there could be a variety of reasons your pool is leaking. Vines Plumbing sees a lot of common pool related issues and has the experience and training to complete all types of repair which could apply to the following parts:

  • Return lines – This type of leak repair involves going into your pool deck and fixing a leak in the lines that carry water into the pool after going from the pool pump to the filter.
  • Suction lines – The function of these lines is to take water from the pool and then recirculating it, A faulty suction line may call for the need to conduct a dig into the ground for repair.
  • Pump – A pool pump is expected to last about 10 years on average and when one fails or leaks, it can be remedied by installing a replacement pump.
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