Sump Pumps

A sump pump is tasked with the chore of getting water out of the lower level of your home. When a sump pump stops working, there could be significant flooding and water damage. Most sump pumps function for several years, although the constant use makes them susceptible to malfunctions. When your sump pump starts to falter, contact Vines Plumbing for the best Myrtle Beach sump pump repair and installation.

maintenance and Repair services

Our sump pump components and products are safe, reliable and durable. Customers can trust in the quality of parts we use during the repair process. Some of the common repairs include fixing pump switches that have become stuck. There is also the chance for a tangle in the float switch. The check valve on sump pump is also prone to breaking and when that happens, water will start to revert back to the pit as opposed to moving outside. This will also activate the pump and keep it running.

complete Installation or replacement

Sump pumps protect homes from the presence of moisture and problems with flooding. Vines Plumbing will install a sump pump in your home and also make sure to utilize its features so that you get optimal usage. The installation process is extremely detailed and will make sure your home is ready to remove water after a heavy rain, flood and can even stay functioning during a power outage. Proper installation is of great importance for the purpose of keeping your sump pump operating efficiently.

 Warning Signs of potential problems

A good sump pump is going to last quite a while, although these devices are going to falter at some point. Prior to a sump pump bottoming out, there are warning signs that indicate the end is near. If you notice any of the issues with your sump pump, it is a good idea to contact Vines Plumbing to discuss repair or replacement solutions:

  • Sump pit has no water in it
  • Pump keeps on running or runs too much
  • Pump is extra noisy
  • Frequent flooding
  • Clogs in pump

Age can be a factor in a sump pump’s decreased performance. The quality of the pump and electrical source also play a part in how long a pump lasts. There is no blueprint for how long a sump pump will last, although it is important to address the warning signs as a major malfunction could lead to a lot of water damage.