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Water Heaters in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

There’s nothing worse than taking a cold shower or washing the dishes with cold water when you want the water to be hot. With water heater services from Vines Plumbing & Water Restoration, you can expect your water to heat up when you want it to.

Water Heater Installation

It can be confusing at times to connect and install a water heater. Whatever type of water heater you need installed, you can trust our skilled plumbers to install your it with ease. We’ll make sure your water heater is properly installed and connected to the right outlets so you can expect cold, warm or hot water when you need it.

Types of Water Heaters

There are conventional, hybrid heat pump, solar, tankless water heaters and more. We have knowledge and experience in servicing any type you may have. Simply speak with one of our plumbers to find out how your type of water heater can be serviced with Vines Plumbing & Water Restoration.

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Have your plumbing issues go away with Vines Plumbing & Water Restoration. Call us and get immediate services when it comes to heating up your water.

Water Heater