Services Available

  • Water Extraction
  • Board Up (Secure Structure)
  • Roof Tarp
  • One week of clothing for each family member – Cleaned and deodorized and returned within 72 hours. (Dry cleaned clothing returned as soon as possible)
  • Content Cleaning and smoke odor removed
  • Pack Out and storage of contents
  • Structure Repair/Rebuild
  • Smoke Odor Removal – Contents and Structure

Experiences in Fire Restoration

We understand the effects of heat, smoke, and residue which are caused by smoke, fire, and other forms of incomplete combustion. Our team of highly competent technicians can assess and evaluate smoke damage from fire damage and can pursue prompt responses to mitigate the loss. Cleaning immediately saves many items from having to be removed and replaced. Deodorization procedures after the damage should be under way to provide a remedy to airborne contamination. Smoke damaged properties are restored using cutting edge technology and techniques.

Thorough Smoke and Soot removal

Once these prior steps have been taken, it is important to remove that smokiness that often becomes entrenched in the remains. Leftover soot on a wall can also be unsightly. To remove smoke and soot, there are special techniques and professional equipment that needs to be utilized. This process is by no means a DIY endeavor.

Vines team removes smoke odor and soot, providing relief from airborne contamination, thoroughly cleans and damaged area, or restores when necessary. Special processes, cleaning compounds, and state-of-the-art techniques saves many items rather than replacing them. By beginning mitigation as soon as possible we will, salvage most metals, fixtures and other household belongings.

Responsive team and excellent service

Addressing your emergency right away can prove to be cost-effective because delaying would mean incurring more costs and added property damage. Allow us to remedy that emergency


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