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Smoke Damage Restoration
Serving both residential & commercial clients in Horry & Georgetown counties SINCE 1980.

24 Hour Smoke Damage Restoration in Myrtle Beach, SC

The aftermath of a fire leaves more damage than most people realize. The flames from a fire can tear a home apart, but smoke can also do a significant amount of damage. A fire does not even have to be that big to elicit a lot of smoke damage. Here is a look at how Vines Plumbing can take care of smoke damage remediation.

Our team of smoke damage professionals will arrive at your residence and get right to work on restoring damaged items that are capable of being salvaged. We also examine the home’s structure and make sure that it’s safe. There are specific procedures and ways of mitigating smoke damage as it requires professional tools and industry skills. When you enlist Vines Plumbing for smoke damage restoration, you can expect the following services:

  • Limit smoke damage and stabilize structure
  • Soot removal and Odor containment
  • Deodorizing and cleaning contents that are salvageable
  • Mitigate water damage
  • Restore air quality within the home

It is important that this restoration service is done right as smoke damage can be detrimental to your health. Also, soot is acidic and the longer it lingers, the more damage it can do. Vines Plumbing will provide you and your family with clean air by minimizing the damage with quickness and efficiency.


Our team of professionals at Vines Plumbing conducts its smoke damage mitigation from top to bottom to ensure every part of the job is done properly. Smoke can infiltrate small crevices and cracks in your walls and if left unattended, that could allow odors and damage to remain. Some areas may not look like they are damaged from smoke, although every part of that room can be hazardous to homeowners and their families and should be remediated. Our top to bottom approach covers every inch of smoke damage, even the hidden ones that could become a nuisance.


In homes where cigarettes are smoked regularly, the threat of smoke damage remains substantially high. The smoke induces stains on furniture, carpets, drywall and other parts of a home. Our smoke damage restoration service e can remove those stains and provide the inside of your home with a new look.


At Vines Plumbing, we have experience working with all the leading insurance companies which can help you expedite the entire process and fast track your home back to normal. We provide free smoke damage restoration estimates and we also have all the appropriate certifications.

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