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Your heater can determine whether you have a comfortable, enjoyable winter season or a dreadful one. With so many holidays happening throughout the colder months, you don’t want to find yourself without heat. To avoid this, you should address issues at the first sign that something is wrong. At Vines Restoration, Plumbing & HVAC we will diagnose your system and make sure it is running in tip top shape.

Signs Your Heating System May Need Repair

If your system is not working properly it may show very subtle signs before needing heating repair. These can be easily overlooked and ignored. If you do not want to find yourself in a bad situation when the temperatures drop, pay attention to the following signs and call a heating repair technician if you are experiencing any of these.

1. Very High Power Bills

If your electricity bills have skyrocketed, it could be a sign of an issue and a need for heating repair. Over time, heating systems become less efficient. This lowered efficiency may mean your heater takes longer to heat the house to the programmed temperature.

2. Your Heater’s Burner Flame Changes Color

The flame in your gas furnace should be blue. Red, green, yellow, orange or purple flames or all bad signs. A yellow flame means the presence of carbon monoxide, which is an odorless, colorless gas. The presence of excess carbon monoxide is very dangerous and should be addressed immediately. If you begin to feel any flu like symptoms, including fatigue or dizziness, vacate the home promptly. Contact a heating professional to inspect the issue.

3. Your Heating System Begins Making Strange Noises

If your heating system begins to make strange noises, such as banging, rattling or squealing, it’s time to get it checked out by a heating repair professional. These noises could mean a problem with your system’s motor or blower. If these noises are not addressed quickly, they could lead to bigger problems down the road.

4. You Are Always Adjusting The Thermostat

Your heating system may not be distributing heat evenly throughout your rooms. If you find yourself constantly having to change the thermostat because some rooms feel chilly while others are warm, it may be time to call in a heating repair technician.

5. When It Is Short Cycling

When your heater goes on and off often, it is short cycling. Your heater short cycling can mean the heat exchanger is overheating. When the exchanger becomes overheated it shuts the system off, and when it cools it turns the system back on again. A system that short cycles can also mean issues with its thermostats, contaminated air filters, deteriorated flame sensors, damage to the electronic ignition system or that the furnace installed is too large for the home. A professional heating repair contractor, like the ones at Vines Restoration, Plumbing & HVAC can diagnose this issue.

6. Air Quality In The Home Decreases

If you have noticed that the air in your home has gotten stuffy or that family members are beginning to have recurrent respiratory issues, then your heater could be the issue. A bad furnace can circulate mildew, dust and other allergens. If changing the filter does not remedy this, there may be a bigger problem with your system and it might be time to call a local heating repair technician.

7. You Need To Turn The Heater Up Too High

If you aren’t feeling warm at your typical temperature settings and are having to turn the temperature way up, your heater may have a problem. Having your system evaluated quickly by a heating repair technician could save you money on utility costs.

What You Should Do If Your Heating Stops Working Suddenly

When you have waited too long to address these issues, your heating unit may just stop working one day. If this happens, try these few things before calling the technician.

  • Check your thermostat to make sure it is in heat mode
  • Check your thermostats batteries
  • Check the furnace switch to make sure it is even on
  • Check to make sure the circuit breaker has not been tripped
  • Check whether the fuse has blown on the main switch

If you have done all of these things and none of them seem to be the issue, call a repair technician right away. Vines Restoration, Plumbing & HVAC provides 24HR emergency service for your heating repair emergencies.

Schedule Routine Heating Inspection & Repair

It is best not to wait until winter to have your heating system inspected. To prevent breakdowns during the colder months, regular inspections are imperative.

When our technicians come out to your home they will provide you with tips and tricks for keeping your heating unit working efficiently throughout the winter months.

Don’t run the risk of being caught in freezing cold temperatures. If your heating system is showing any signs of a problem call our heating repair professionals today!


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