Leaky Pipes

A leaky pipe is not something a homeowner should ignore. The leak could just be the beginning of a much larger problem. Once you identify the source of a leak, the next step is to contact Vines Plumbing. We will dispatch a technician to come investigate your leak.

Signs you may have a leak

Not all leaks are out in the open as some may be concealed from sight. However, there are signs that you have a leaky pipe. Be sure to look out for the following signs which indicate you have a leak:

  • Jump in water bills
  • Sags in ceiling or walls
  • Sudden smell of mold and mildew
  • Water around toilet

Water Line issues

A leak in a home’s water line has a different set of warning signs. That includes water pooling om your lawn and may also have a foul stench coming from that immediate area. A leaky water line pipe may call for entire replacement if there is no feasible repair option. There are ways to repair a leaky water line and that could require cutting off a piece of the pipe and fitting it with a replacement part.

Fixing leaking pipes

Regardless of which pipe has sprung a leak inside your home, Vines Plumbing uses a certain procedure to provide a solution. We take calculated steps to fixing a leaky pipe by using state of the art equipment and a trained eye. Here is a look at how the process is carried out:

  • Assessment of leak – We will investigate the leak and identify where it is coming from. During this process, we will also evaluate how much damage has already been done.
  • Fix damaged area – In most cases, fixing a leaky pipe requires cutting the existing pipe around the area that is damaged. The area is measured and precise cuts are made.
  • Solder new piece in place – When the older part is removed, a new piece must be fitted in place and soldered. The pipe is then sealed into place with the use of a cap.

complete Replacement service

When a pipe is too damaged to be repaired, we install anew new replacement pipe. This will not only protect your home for years to come, but it will also help to increase the value of the property. Installing new pipes is an added selling point when a home goes on the market. It is essentially an investment in your home.