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Sewer Line Replacement
Serving both residential & commercial clients in Horry & Georgetown counties SINCE 1980.

24 Hour Sewer Line Replacement Service

Replacing a sewer line is not something that should be attempted without proper training and experience. This is considered a major home improvement project and should be handled by a qualified professional. Vines Plumbing has the experience and expertise to take care of sewer line replacement in Myrtle Beach and the surrounding areas.

This process requires professional plumbing contractors to be fully updated on the proper plumbing codes. It also requires state-of-the-art equipment and it helps to have a credible track record. The need for sewer line replacement arises when old sewer lines are damaged beyond repair. Instead of a partial fix, a complete replacement of the sewer line will be needed.

A representative from Vines Plumbing will go over the entire process of sewer line replacement in great detail. Prior to recommending sewer line replacement, we take the time to analyze your sewer line situation. That includes the following assessments conducted by our technicians:

  • Examine extent damage to pipe
  • Assess piping’s age
  • Identify pipe material
  • Evaluate efficiency over the long-term
  • Consider chances for future repair

Once all those assessments have been completed, we will either recommend repair or replacement. When replacement is needed, it comes with a cost, but it also comes with a host of benefits. Adding a new sewer line is a way of modernizing your home, which also ups to resell value. A home with a new sewer line enhances the appeal to prospective buyers. It is also a way of attaining peace of mind for years to come, knowing that there will not be issues with the sewer line. It is one less worry for homeowners.

When pipes are completely replaced, it restores drainage. This will make for an efficient way of draining water through pipes that are not corroded or withering with age. And in some instances, replacement is actually a cheaper alternative than repair because it eliminates the need to gain access to hard-to-reach spots that could make the process a lot more complex.


Most homeowner’s policies do not cover sewer line replacement because the sewer system is perceived as being separated from the actual home. Nevertheless, there is the option of adding that kind of coverage. There is also the option of obtaining coverage through your local utility company. If you have any type of coverage, our team will work in conjunction to help facilitate the process.

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