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Water Treatment
Serving both residential & commercial clients in Horry & Georgetown counties SINCE 1980.

24 Hour Water Treatment

A home’s water supply is an integral part of everyday living. That makes it important to ensure that clean, healthy water is available every time a faucet is turned on. One way of making sure your water is always safe and clean is to install a water treatment system in your home. Vines Plumbing can install the water treatment system of your choosing inside your Myrtle Beach home.


There are specific instructions when it comes to installing a water filtration system inside a home. Homeowners attempting it for the first time could wind up doing more harm than good. A failure to install correctly could allow contaminants to make their way into your home water supply. That would completely contradict the purpose of a water filtration system. Vibes Plumping can take care of this task and that will provide you with the following benefits:

  • Clean and safe drinking water
  • Removal of bacteria and minerals
  • Rid clothes of soap scum deposits


The installation of a water softener by our service technicians will eliminate the presence of hard water inside your home. This is a one-time installation that will bring an end to your hard water problems. Hard water contains traces of minerals that can impact the pH balance of your skin and complicate simple tasks, such as bathing, washing dishes and washing clothes. Hard water is not life threatening, but it can be a major inconvenience to your everyday living.

  • Healthier skin and hair
  • Better protection for your pipes
  • Cleaner clothes and dishes


Treating your home water supply with a softener or filtration system can mean the end of purchasing bottled water. Over time, that can add up to a significant amount of savings. Treated water also means you will use less soap and that can add to the increased savings. Your home plumbing will also be in better shape and by minimizing the need for repairs, you can save money on hiring a plumber to fix problems with your pipes caused by hard water.

Vines Plumbing has a water treatment solution for you as we take care of water softener and water filtration installation in Myrtle Beach, SC and the surrounding areas. Why try to take on this task yourself when you can hire an affordable plumbing contractor who will make sure the job is completed quickly and with the utmost efficiency.

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