Boiler Repair

Boilers have come a long way in recent years as they are nothing like old models from the past. And when there is a problem with a boiler, the repair process requires the work of a professional who is up to date on all the latest repair methods. Vines Plumbing is staffed with fully trained and certified technicians who will provide the very best in Myrtle Beach boiler repair.

Signs of Possible Issues 

A boiler that is in need of repair will start to give off indicators. There are many common problems that are not extremely difficult to identify. Be on the lookout for the following issues that could be impacting the boiler in your home:

  • Kettling – This is a common issue that comes with a loud rumbling sound and it may sometimes sound like a banging noise. The issue is a buildup of minerals and if not addressed, then it could begin to leak.
  • Leaks – Spotting a leak in your boiler is an obvious warning sign that something is off. The location of the leak will determine whether repair is an option. As long as it is not located in the boiler tank, repair is usually an option.
  • Lack of heat – A boiler that is not giving off heat is not performing its primary function. There is not one reason for this occurrence as it could be caused by several reason ns, both major and minor.

Common Problems

There is a lot that can go wrong with a boiler. When you identify a warning sign that it is in need of repair, it is no time to panic. There is a chance that it could be a very minor type of repair. Boilers are equipped with a lot of parts and that means there is a lot of small things that could wind up going wrong. Here is a look at some of the boiler problems we fix regularly at Vines Plumbing:

  • Ignition failure
  • Broken pump
  • Malfunctioning valve
  • Bad thermostat
  • Low water pressure

The boiler moves water as a way of heating the home and what better way to fix any of those problems than hiring a quality plumbing contractor. Vines Plumbing is highly skilled in identifying any piping, combustion or expansion tank problems that may be impacting your home. We will get to the root of the problem and provide the best boiler repair Myrtle Beach, SC has to offer.