Clogged Drains


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A clogged drain can occur in different places and there are usually individual reasons for that clog. These can be bothersome, but many clogged drains can be an inexpensive repair. At Vines Plumbing, we can fix all types of drain clogs and that includes the following:


Kitchen sinks can become clogged when they share a connection with the line used for laundry. The combination of food, grease and grime along with lint and sludge can eventually lead to a clog. Garbage disposals are also prone to clogs, either because of age or improper dumping of food items.


Most times, bathroom clogs occur in the shower. This is often due to a buildup of hair and soap scum, in your pipes. Toilet clogs are typically a result of placing non-flushable items in the bowl. There is also the potential for clogs in the bathroom sink as it is not an uncommon type of repair.

Laundry Rooms

The line connected to a laundry machine can be ripe for a clog as certain types of powered soap and the absence of a screen can lead to an eventual stoppage. The good news is that this is generally not a costly fix as a simple flow test can reveal what type of method should be used.

Fixing a clog

Our team of professionals at Vines Plumbing will identify the source of your clogged drain by doing a camera inspection. We may also do a flow test to determine the extent of the issues. We will then determine whether the problem calls for hydrojetting or the use of a professional snake. Our hydrojetting pushes high amounts of water pressure into your pipe to clear the clog, but not enough pressure to damage the pipes.

Preventative maintenance

There are lots of reasons a drain could become clogged. Some of those reasons are due to negligence while other reasons are no fault of the homeowner. Here is a look at some of the common causes of a drain clog that are avoidable:

  • Pouring oil or grease down kitchen sink
  • Flushing items other than toilet paper
  • Flushing too much toilet paper
  • Putting wrong items down garbage disposal
  • Using shower products that are non-soluble

When you find yourself in need of drain cleaning in Myrtle Beach, S.C., contact Vines Plumbing as we have the experience, training and told to get the job done quickly and efficiently.


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