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Garbage disposals provide an added level of convenience to kitchens. A flip of a switch clears away pesky waste and makes for easier cleanup after a meal. These devices are still prone to breakdowns and issues. When you are in the need of Myrtle Beach garbage disposal repair or installation, be sure to call the team of fully certified and trained professionals at Vines plumbing.

Disposal Repair services

This is not a service recommended for those who have no plumbing training. For the technicians at Vines Plumbing, repair is a simple process that can be done right away on a service call. There are a lot of reasons your garbage disposal could be malfunctioning and some of the common problems we encounter are as follows:

  • Seals are decaying
  • Pipes are loose
  • Broken flange
  • Dried out gasket

There are certain issues that cannot be repaired and that occurs when there are cracks in the disposal’s limning. However, most issues can be fixed with some type of repair. That process is detailed as it may involve removing parts as well as taking apart the electrical connection and reattaching it.

If you suspect your garbage disposal needs repair, contact one of our customer associates. This should be done if you identify a leak, continue to hear unusual noises, continue to smell a foul odor, or see that the drainage remains slow.

professional Installation

Installing a garbage disposal that best suits your needs is something we can help you with at Vines Plumbing. While most homeowners opt for a continuous feed garbage disposal, households with small children often select a batch feed variety for additional safety. Older units also call for replacement over repair as new installation is not uncommon at some point in time.

The technicians at Vines Plumbing will provide you with a host of options when it comes to installing a new garbage disposal. We will explain the pros and cons of each model so that you can make the most informed decision. We will also on ways in which you can maintain your garbage disposal so that you can get long-term use out of your unit.

Choosing Vines Plumbing for your Myrtle Beach garbage disposal installation and repair provides you with a technician who has years of industry experience. We are fast, reliable and affordable while always maintaining accordance with local plumbing codes. We also welcome any questions you might have about this process.


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