Garbage Disposal Installation


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Garbage disposal installation involves knowing your way around plumbing and while it may be complicated for homeowners, it is a routine task for the team of technicians at Vines Plumbing. Installing a garbage disposal can be done as a kitchen upgrade or a means of a replacement for an older unit.

Garbage disposals generally last about 10 years and even with careful use, most will wear out around that span of time. That calls for replacement as it can continue the great convenience of having this type of device in your home. At Vines Plumbing, our garbage disposal installation follows these steps:

  • Old unit removal – There is a precise way to disassemble the old unit and if not done with proper safety measure, it could lead to an injury. Being sure to shut off the circuit breaker is another important safety measure.
  • Installation of new unit – There are different instructions according to the make and model of the garbage disposal. The components are usually stacked prior to attaching the drain. There are also required electrical connections.
  • Test run – Once the installation process is complete, we will test the unit so there are signs of leaks and everything is in its proper place. We will also ensure every seal is tightly in place.

Choosing a Disposal device

When you have a garbage disposal installed inside your home, it is important to examine your choices. There is more than one garbage disposal type to choose from, although there is a wide assortment of brands. Vines Plumbing can install all makes and models and here is a look at the two types:

Continuous Feed

Most garbage disposals in a home are of this variety. These devices are simple to use as they just need to be turned on with the flip of a switch. Then, you can start inserting food waste with the machine running. This involves cheaper cost, although it does leave the chance for utensils or other items that could cause problems.

Batch Feed

This variety is more common in households with small children. The device can only turn on when a cover is fitted overtop of the drain. This is an excellent protective measure parents can take to ensure there are no accidents. However, the upfront cost is higher when installing a batch feed disposal.

The next time you need garbage disposal installment in Myrtle Beach, SC, contact the team of pros at Vibes Plumbing.


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