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The team of plumbers at Vines Plumbing specialize in finding the source of a leak inside a home. We can identify the source of your leak and provide your home with an immediate fix. There is a lot involved in leak detection as it is a job best left to the professionals.

Warning Signs 

Leaks will provide some warning signs as most will not just spontaneously occur. If you suspect a leak, it is important to contact a professional plumber before the problem has the potential to get worse. Here is a look at some of the warning signs that indicate you have a leak:

  • Increase in monthly water bill
  • Pipes make noise when water is off
  • Polling inside the home
  • Presence of mildew and mold
  • Carpet is wet or damp
  • Lapse in water pressure

Different Residential issues

Not all leaks are the same as homes can suffer from of issues. Different warning signs indicates different types of leaks and they include the following:

  • Slab Leak – This is a leak that occurs beneath the foundation of a home, which is also called a slab. The source of these leaks is typically not visible, which makes them more problematic. However, you can identify the previously mentioned warning signs of a slab leak.
  • Gas Leak – This type of like can be especially dangerous because it is not always signified by the smell of gas. If you notice high gas bills, unusual odors, dying plants or a hissing noise, contact a professional immediately.
  • Water Leak – Water in the home could be coming from an array of places as it is sometimes caused by faulty pipes, drain clogs or even issues with the roofing. They can surface throughout a home and cause substantial damage.

Professional technicians available today

At Vines Plumbing, our technicians handle state-of-the-art equipment which locates the exact origin of a leak. The source of that leak could be coming from a number of places in a bathroom, behind the walls in a home, ir even under the ground. It is important to note that where a leak begins to drip is typically not the exact source of the leak.

Our plumbers also conduct leak detection service without disrupting your property. We are sensitive to your home and its contents which is why we take extra precautions to ensure there are no disturbances or disruptions while we are inspecting or repairing your home plumbing.


You simply can’t predict and fully prepare for plumbing emergencies. When one arises, you know who to call. At Vines, we are available at any time on any given day. Whether you have a broken pipe and need a future flood prevented or are in the middle of a flood already, give us a call and we’ll be right over. We have 24-hour service available. Our quick response time helps you get your home back to normal as soon as you possibly can.


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