Shower Installation

For the professionals at Vines Plumbing, shower installation is a process that can be done in one day. Our fully trained and certified plumbers rely on years of experience when it comes to shower installation. That makes for top-quality workmanship as we install all types of showers by all the leading manufacturers.

a variety of options to choose from

Homeowners should be aware of all the options when choosing a new shower to be installed. There is more than just the aesthetic as the shower choice should consider pre-existing things inside your home such as level of water pressure, type of boiler (if applicable), and the size of your hot water tank. The look of a shower is also important as there is the option of a frameless shower, one that has multiple jets and a number of others. Here is a look at the shower types and what they entail:

  • Digital – A sleek upgrade to any bathroom, digital showers incorporate technology as a control panel allows users to program it as they see fit. It can even be pair with smart devices and the temperature control is more accurate than any other shower varieties.
  • Mixer – A cold and hot water supply are required for this variety as they are combined before emerging from your shower head. Its water flow is considered to be more powerful than an electric shower.
  • Power showers – If your home has low water pressure, then this is probably the best option. The improvement in pressure makes for more water usage than the other showers. The rate of water flow is upgraded through the use of a pump
  • Electric – This is a small type of shower that does not rely on a hot water supply. It has an element that heats cold water and is probably the most cost-efficient option as it does not use a large quantity of energy.

professional technicians available today

The shower installation process includes a lot of details, although it remains a step-by-step process that we carry out to precision. The process starts with the removal of your shower and its fixtures. We then take the time to make sure the floor is completely level and fully secure. Next comes the task of making repairs to any of the fixtures that need addressing. Once we are satisfied that any possible repair is complete, the installation of the wall panel begins and that is followed by the installation of all the accessories. A shower door goes on last in instances where there is a door.