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Issues with a kitchen or bathroom sink can be frustrating for homeowners as many of them are not equipped with the knowledge or skillset to provide adequate repair. It’s important that this process be completed with precision as sinks are used a great deal over the course of a day. One little misstep could lead to a lot of damage. When your sink begins to give you problems, be sure to contact Vines Plumbing for the best Myrtle Beach sink installation and repair.

maintenance and Repair

Clogs are one of the most common problems we encounter when conducting Myrtle Beach sink repair. A sink can become clogged for a variety of reasons. In the bathroom, a buildup of excess hair, dirt and soap can all lead to a clogged sink. The clog is actually a blockage that prevents water from flowing into the drain. In kitchen sinks, a buildup of food, oil, grease and other particles can lead to a clog. There are also issues with leaks when it comes to sink repair. That is an easy fix for the pros at Vines Plumbing and there is an assortment of other issues we can attend to when it comes to residential sink repair.

complete Installation service

Most sink installation jobs are performed because of a problem with the prior unit. However, sink installation is also part of the remodel process. If you are looking to change out your bathroom or kitchen sink, then Vines Plumbing has a solution for you. We can fix all your problems with expert sink installation in Myrtle Beach. We install all types of sinks including pedestal, drop-in, corner and many more. Installation of a new sink can also up t6he resale value of a home as it is a way to invest in your property.

Kitchens and Bathrooms

The styles and models of sinks used in kitchens and bathrooms are completely different. That requires a different type of assembly, repair and installation. Each manufacturer provides specific instructions for how each model sink should be installed. That means a plumbing contractor needs to follow those specifications exactly. The technicians at Vines Plumbing know their way around sinks from all the leading manufacturers. There are subtle differences that are only recognized by trained professionals. Don’t waste time trying to figure out these specifics as we are the most trusted Myrtle Beach sink repair and installation team you will find.


You simply can’t predict and fully prepare for plumbing emergencies. When one arises, you know who to call. At Vines, we are available at any time on any given day. Whether you have a broken pipe and need a future flood prevented or are in the middle of a flood already, give us a call and we’ll be right over. We have 24-hour service available. Our quick response time helps you get your home back to normal as soon as you possibly can.


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