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Sink Installation

Installing a new sink is a tedious and detailed process as there are a lot of factors that make this a specialized skill. It is important to consider important plumbing rules and concepts when installing a sink. Whether you need a bathroom, kitchen or utility sink installed, the experts at Vines Plumbing are ready to finish the job.

Sink installation can be part of the bathroom or kitchen remodeling process. It may also be an option when repairs become too frequent. Visible signs of wear also let you know it’s time for a new sink and leaks are also an indication that a new sink is in your future.

Deciding on a new replacement

Once you determine that a new sink is needed inside your home, then comes the time to choose a replacement. Homeowners have lots of styles, colors and designs to choose from. But there are other factors that go into choosing a new sink to install and they are as follows:

  • Who will be the one using that sink on a regular basis?
  • Is there a need for handicap accessibility?
  • How will the look of the sink complement the room?
  • What amount o water pressure is required when using that sink?
  • How much will your budget allow you to spend?

There are also options on the type of sink as there are many different categories. There is not one simple model that is a universal choice for all homeowners. This allows homeowners to make any changes with the addition of a new sink. The following options are available with our professional sink installation:

  • Pedestal Sink
  • Vessel Sinks
  • Wall-mounted Sink
  • Undermount Sink
  • Drop-in Sink
  • Corner Sink
  • Cast Iron Sink
  • Stainless Steel Sink
  • Single Bowl Sink

Some sinks are strictly for kitchens while others are used solely for bathrooms. There are other types that have varieties that can be used in either the bathroom or kitchen. It’s important to be able to distinguish between the numerous models and that is where a Vines Plumbing technician can help.

professional technicians available today

At Vines Plumbing, we always measure and double-check the piping to make sure sink installation is done right. There are necessary steps throughout the installation process and we make sure to be thorough in every one of them. Every new sink comes with its own set of manufacturer instructions that should be followed with precision. We are skilled in handling all types of sink installation in Myrtle Beach, SC and the surrounding communities.


You simply can’t predict and fully prepare for plumbing emergencies. When one arises, you know who to call. At Vines, we are available at any time on any given day. Whether you have a broken pipe and need a future flood prevented or are in the middle of a flood already, give us a call and we’ll be right over. We have 24-hour service available. Our quick response time helps you get your home back to normal as soon as you possibly can.


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