Water Heater Installation


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The installation of a water heater varies according to the model you have purchased. Tank water heaters take up more space and look completely different than the tankless variety. Both have their own complexities and that is why it is strongly recommended to let a professional plumbing contractor handle your water heater installation. Vines Plumbing can make sure your new water heater is installed with care and precision.

Choosing the right device

Before installing a new water heater, it is important to consider how much water you use on a regular basis. Take that information and compare it to the different models and it will provide you with a better idea of which one is right for you. It is also important to examine which unites are better when it comes to energy efficiency as a water heater impacts your monthly energy bills.

standard heating products

The conventional type of water heater is equipped with a large tank for storing water. It can be powered by electric or gas and does not have an unlimited supply. Capacity differs among water heaters and Vines Plumbing is experienced in installing all different sized water heaters. These water heaters are the more affordable variety and larger tanks allow homeowners to have a large supply of hot water.

Tankless heating products

Less room is needed to install a tankless heater as these are becoming a popular option. The tankless heaters provide hot water as it is needed. It heats water that is used, which makes for an endless supply. Installation of a tankless heater is very important because one misstep could mean problems in the future. For homeowners to get the absolute most out of a tankless heater, quality installation should be a high priority.

Quality installation services available today

At Vines Plumbing, we not only install your water heater, but we will also remove your old one. The installation of a gas water heater is likely going to be a bit longer than an electric one because of all that is involved with the power source. However, we can finish either job promptly.

Installing a tankless heater is a bit more involved and could take a little longer. The process calls for the delivery of energy in rapid bursts and even gas-operated water heaters rely on some electrical connections to function. Our technicians are skilled in both types of installations and will also inform you on how to maintain your new water heater moving forward.


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