Most Frequently Asked Plumbing Questions

Ask A PlumberResidential plumbing is a service that is not often mastered by homeowners. In most instances, plumbing problems require the expertise of a trained professional. However, that does not mean that homeowners should not try to stay informed. Here is a look at the most frequently asked plumbing questions

What is the tank on my toilet overflowing and what should I do?
This is not uncommon and it most often occurs because of a leak in your fill valve. Replacement of that fill valve is a cheap, quick fix. But it could also be due to a corroded wire that sets your water level.

What should I do if there is a water leak in my home?
The first thing you need to do is locate the shut-off valve. This should be located before any problems arise as it shuts off the main water supply. Once that is done, call a professional plumbing service so that the problem can be immediately diagnosed.

Why is my monthly water bill higher than usual?
Unless you are housing a lot more people who take long and frequent showers, there is a problem. This often means there is a leak and that could extend to the faucet, toilet, underground pipes or sprinkler system. Water bills should be relatively the same throughout the year.

Should I invest in a water softener?
This is a good investment that will improve the health of everyone in the home. Softening your water will improve the quality of skin, hair and make for cleaner, fresher laundry. It is also safer to drink than hard water because water softeners remove minerals.

How do I avoid drain clogs?
The top reason for drain clogs is a buildup of soap scum. This soap scum acts as a glue that collects some particles like hair, dirt and debris that falls into a drain. Reduce the soap scum and it will lessen the chances of a clogged drain.

What is causing my faucet to leak?
A constant or subtle drip can be the result of numerous faults. A corroded valve or a washer that is worn can both be the culprits. A broken fitting or a worn seal can also be the cause and the good part is that all of these are relatively inexpensive fixes.

Why has my water pressure dropped?
There is no universal answer, although it means there is something is amiss as water travels from the main water system all the way through to the faucets in your home. This could be caused by a variety of reasons and a plumbing professional can identify the source.


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