The Key Steps to Restoring Your Home after Fire Damage

Destroyed Interior Of A House After A Fire

Inside a home or business, even a small fire can produce a different kind of damage. Not many people have extensive experience restoring a dwelling that has been damaged by fire. That is why this type of service is carried out by specialists. Attending to fire damage includes a variety of procedures.

Assessment and Sealing

The process begins with an assessment conducted by trained professionals. Homeowners receive a detailed report of the damage and what it will take for restoration. Most instances will require boarding up the windows. In some instances, a tarp will be placed over any damage in the roof to prevent any additional damage. Sealing off the structure is very important.

Water removal

Next up comes the drying portion, which includes an important element of water removal. After a fire, there is usually leftover water that has saturated the structure. Before any rebuilding can begin, this water needs to be removed. Contractors with plumbing experience prove to be particularly useful during this phase. This typically requires the removal of large puddles through the use if sump pumps.


Once all the water is removed, then comes the drying stage. No real restoration can begin until the entirety of the structure is completely dried out. And because of the toxic nature of what fire can do, the area also needs to be sanitized. This means ridding any harmful toxins that may have been produced by the fire and settled into the structure.

Smoke and Soot removal

Once these prior steps have been taken, it is important to remove that smokiness that often becomes entrenched in the remains. Leftover soot on a wall can also be unsightly. To remove smoke and soot, there are special techniques and professional equipment that needs to be utilized. This process is by no means a DIY endeavor.


Only when all these steps are completed can the repair process begin. This will also give homeowners a better idea of what can be salvaged and what has to be rebuilt from the ground up. There are instances when things like the plumbing remain intact and there are other times when only a partial remodel is necessary.

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